Citizen of the Galaxy Issue 3 of 3 
Release Date May 5th 2015
Just outside our galaxy the atrocities of slavery thrive, and young Thorby is just another orphaned boy sold at auction. But when he crosses paths with a mysterious crippled beggar his destiny is forever changed. And now as a young man Thorby returns to his home planet Earth where all that he has been taught as a slave on the planet Jubbul, a Free-trader on the starship Sisu and a military guardsmen on the guard-ship Hydra will be put to the test. Citizen of the Galaxy is an interstellar action/adventure coming of age tale by the ‘Dean of Science Fiction’, Robert A. Heinlein!

Citizen of the Galaxy #3

  • Citizen of the Galaxy Issue 3 of 3
    Story by Robert A. Heinlein
    Adaptation by Rob Lazaro & Eric Gignac
    Art by Steve Erwin
    Layout/Inks & Colors by Eric Gignac
    Letters by Eric Gignac & Richard Sheinus
    Edits by Red Dula and Tom Waltz
    Cover art by Steve Erwin and Eric Gignac