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For those who have read Have Space Suit-Will Travel by Robert Heinlein, or the Graphic Novel compendium, you already know; "the Motherthing just is"

But for those of you who are new to the world of Heinlein, she is your guardian against the alien things that go bump in the night. Named for the calm nurturing feeling of warmth and security she radiates, the Motherthing's official position is to monitor activities on different planets within the three galaxies and report upon any nefarious ventures that might threaten other civilizations. 

And now with the permission of the Galactic Council on planet Lanador, located in the lesser Magellanic cloud, we can assign a Motherthing agent to watch over you and your young one.  You can sleep well at night knowing that your very own Motherthing is watching over you and keeping you safe against all otherworldly Alien shenanigans.

HSSWT Motherthing

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