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In 2019, the International Academy of Astronautics published "Road to the Space Elevator Era." This study report summarizes the assessment of the space elevator as of the summer of 2018. The encouraging aspect is that the space elevator community has been reinvigorated and is pulling together experiments and test programs to push the technology along the path to readiness. The global needs for a space elevator are remarkable. When the price to geosynchronous orbit is lowered to one hundredth of the price of launching by rocket, the whole situation changes as to access to orbit. However, the real strengths are not only price but massive movement and other characteristics such as routine, daily, safe and no shake-rattle-roll of launch. The environmentally friendly lifts will be an important aspect of implementing space elevators vs. rockets in the long run. The essence of the whole study report is that a broad group of space professionals gathered together and assessed the status of the space elevator development. Each of them contributed their expertise and then came to similar conclusions about the space elevator progress. (1) Space Elevators seem feasible [reinforces IAA’s 2013 study conclusion] and, (2) 
Space Elevator development initiation is nearer than most think!

Road to the Space Elevator Era

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