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Leah Ott - First Recipient of the HPT Virginia Edition Award

For this month and the next few months that follow we will be honoring those individuals who helped bring the Virginia Edition, the complete works of Robert A. Heinlein, to life.

First off, the Virginia Edition contains authoritative texts for all of Robert Heinlein’s published fiction and non-fiction, with text taken from the last volume in which Heinlein had a hand in the preparation, or those works restored to their intended state in publications directly overseen by Virginia Heinlein after her husband’s passing. Leah Ott along with Sean Tompson were responsible for the final editing and preparation for publication.

Leah commented on her work on the Virginia Edition;

"I had never read Heinlein before working on the Virginia Edition. I came to enjoy his writing style quickly. I learned some interesting facts; like similar to Donald Duck, his work has been established as prior art, preventing at least one patent from being granted."

Leah also comments how her experience with Virginia Edition has helped her in her current job.

"My current role, at a large financial institution, had benefited from skills I learned while managing the publishing company. As it turns out I love reconcilliations (assisted by my background in mathematics)."

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