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Beautiful Letter from Ray Bradbury to Robert Heinlein

In 1976 Ray Bradbury wrote this beautiful letter to Robert Heinlein describing the influence Heinlein had on his life and his writing.

The letter reads:

"Your influence on us all, from 1939 on, cannot be measured. I can only say I remember , warmly, your many kindnesses to me when I was 19-20-21 years old. That young man basked in your light and will continue to be grateful for the help you offered when I was so poor & needful!

Yours in that memory." - Ray Bradbury, August 1976

Ray's letter is truly touching and we know that many more of you have stories of how Heinlein's writings have touched you and we'd like to hear them. Write us and send your stories and memories to: Heinlein Inspiration. Once we start receiving letters we will post them on a special page here on our website.

We here at the Virginia Edition look forward to your stories and how Heinlein has touched your life.

Best regards,

Eric Gignac

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