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Moon Walkers: Moon Day at Frontiers of Flight Museum

DALLAS – Some lucky kids got a chance to talk to an astronaut at the international space station during moon day at the frontiers of flight museum. It’s not everyday you get the chance to chat it up with an astronaut at the international space station. But, for some lucky kids, today was out of this world. Welcome to Moon Day at the Frontiers of Flight Museum.

“It felt like I was actually at that space station,” says Parsa Naghsineh.

Moon Day celebrates the anniversary of the moon landing in 1969. The event also allowed kids to explore their inner astronaut and try on space gear and look inside the Apollo 7 command module.

“It had millions of buttons it had three seats, It was so cool,” says McKenzie Weedman.

It’s all meant to inspire a love of science and math for young students.

“I hope they go back to school study harder, maybe they decide to really learn math and who knows maybe one of these kids becomes the first person to step on Mars,” says museum president Cheryl Sutterfield-Jones.

Maybe one of these kids will grow up and blast off into space some day.

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