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Washington, DC – Thursday, June 30, 2016 – Have Space Suit – Will Travel, the book by renowned science fiction author, Robert A. Heinlein, will be the second of Heinlein’s written works to be published as a graphic novel, the Heinlein Prize Trust announced today.

A KickStarter campaign was launched in May and quickly exceeded its goal, raising more than $10,000 in pledges to support illustration, production and marketing of the graphic novel. This follows the Trust’s first KickStarter campaign to produce the Heinlein graphic novel, Citizen of the Galaxy, available on the Heinlein bookstore.

“Mr. Heinlein’s birthday is July 7th and all of us who love his works salute his enduring legacy and influence with this birthday present graphically illustrating another of his stories,” said Art Dula, Heinlein Prize Trustee.

Have Space Suit – Will Travel was nominated for a Hugo Award in 1959 and won the Sequoyah Children's Book Award in 1961. It tells the story of a high school senior, Kip Russell, who wins a real space suit as a prize in a nationwide contest. Kip dreams of one day using the space suit to travel to the stars. ''One day'' comes much sooner than he expects when he tries on the suit and finds himself in a space adventure with a new friend and the fate of the world hanging on their actions.

Eric Gignac is the lead artist for the Have Space Suit graphic novel project. Gignac was an artist for the graphic novel Citizen of the Galaxy. He has worked in the aerospace industry as a concept illustrator for 30 years and is internationally recognized for his space mission/flight patch designs for NASA. “I’m honored to be involved in this project – a labor of love – to bring Heinlein’s timeless adventure stories to a new generation of readers,” Gignac said.

The Heinlein Prize Trust is making this announcement one day before the opening of Escape Velocity, July 1-3, sponsored by the Museum of Science Fiction. Attendees can visit the Trust’s exhibit (Booth 805, Hall E) to see space suits that have flown on the Space Shuttle and then traveled to events and schools around the world, reaching tens of thousands of students and space enthusiasts.

Visitors to the Trust’s booth can meet former NASA astronaut, Don Thomas -- scientist, educator, and author of Orbit of Discovery about his STS-70 mission aboard Space Shuttle Discovery. A veteran of four flights, Thomas spent 44 days in space and orbited the Earth nearly 700 times. Visitors can also see and take photos with two mission-flown space suits, including the space suit worn by current NASA Administrator, Charles Bolden, a former astronaut and veteran of four space missions.

The Heinlein Prize Trust is also seeking input on the third Heinlein book for graphic illustration. Starting today, a survey is available on Twitter, the KickStarter website and at the Escape Velocity exhibit. The next Heinlein books under consideration for graphic production are Time for the Stars, The Star Beast and Glory Road.

Last week, The Heinlein Prize Trust announced that it will award its prestigious Heinlein Prize to Jeff Bezos, founder of Blue Origin, for his vision and leadership in commercial space activities that have led to historic firsts and reusability in the commercial spaceflight industry.

For more information, visit the Heinlein Prize Trust website. Follow the Trust on Twitter and Facebook.

Media Contact: Diane Smiroldo;; 703.819.1963

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